About Us


By utilizing the latest techniques available we have taken coffee  to a higher level of perfection. Our experience in roasting enables us to develop the full potential of every roasting batch, thus creating coffees unlike any others.

Each batch is slow roasted and gradually transitioned through several temperature profiles. As a result of this process, the interior of every bean is medium roasted while the exterior is finished with slightly darker notes to produce an incredible dimensionality of flavor and aroma. 



About The Village Roaster

Blending passion with research, we brings the Culinary Art of good Coffee to West Hill, in the Toronto area.

Coffee is a very fragile and difficult product that needs understanding in handling, roasting and preparing. He serves only blends of the best coffee available from around the world. These blends are roasted and prepared using the latest techniques.

Our immediate goal is to establish a reputation for producing the best cup of coffee arrowed, second to none. Once established as such, With our experience in franchising we plan on growing. Educating the general public in culinary international coffees  is important to us.


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