Welcome to The Village Roaster on the Web

At "The Village Roaster", not only do we aim to provide the freshest cup of coffee but also a pleasant discovery of new flavors and sensations. We import only the finest in raw green coffee beans from all over the world and roast them in small batches in our on site Coffee roaster. Coffee is a raw material that like wine grapes is capable of an extraordinary transformation into a unique beverage. Our beans are roasted to that precise temperature where caramelization can occur. With a sudden crackle and pop, the beans break open, releasing their powerful flavors and oozing their aromatic oils. Then and only then do we dispense our beans, thus achieving total perfection. The roaster then is not just a person who turns on a piece of machinery, but someone who sees green coffee a medium that has the ability to create an impact. For those who wish to explore the soul of coffee, try our light and dark roasted coffees.


The Village Roaster is proud to announce the arrival of our new at Home Coffee Delivery Service for those who wish to enjoy the great taste or our freshly roasted coffee brewed in your own kitchen. Just call the Coffee Hotline at 416-752-1780 and place your order. Our freshly roasted coffee is then brought directly to your door.

  • Phone: 416-752-1780